So, you just got engaged and now it is time to start planning your big day. Congratulations this is such a fun and exciting time together. Choosing a venue, finding a photographer, picking out the cake etc.  It can be a lot of work, trust me I know, but there are a lot of tools to help you along the way.  As a wedding photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona I have some insider pro tips to help make your engagement session a fun and unforgettable experience. Without further ado we will dive right in!

Pro Tip Number #1 Why get engagement photos?

Engagement photos are great for so many reasons, they are a timeless reminder of that magical moment together. Use them for engagement announcements, wedding invitations, holiday cards but even more it is a chance for the two of you to work with your photographer.  This may not seem like a big deal but the more you can get to know your photographer and their personality the better you will all work together.  Think of this as a test drive for what your wedding day photos will be like.  This helps you be more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day, gives you an idea of what to expect style wise, posing and so much more.  I highly recommend an engagement session to all of my couples and even offer a complementary session in some of my wedding packages.  

Pro Tip Number #2 Attire

These are photos that should last you a lifetime, choose outfits that “age well” and by that I mean styles that are not a quick fad, or a big visible logo that’s here today gone tomorrow.  Oh the 80’s & 90’s… Try to choose complementary colors such as; a yellow dress pairs well with a partner in a blue shirt so instead of matching exactly be sure to wear outfits that complement your partners.  Excessive patterns can be distracting and sometimes unflattering so be sure to stick with solid colors or smaller patterns if possible.

Pro Tip Number #3 Pockets and Wrinkles

Always check your pockets, there is nothing worse than looking at the photos and noticing a cell phone, wallet or keys bulging awkwardly in a pants pocket.  Wrinkles happen but they don’t have to, be sure to iron your clothes before the session, hang your dress shirt for the drive and then put it on once you arrive.  Your well thought out outfit doesn’t mean it will still look nice with creases or wrinkles in it.  There is no photo shop fix for wrinkles and pocket bulges, at least not one that I’ve found to look natural.

Pro Tip Number #4 Pets

I love when couples want to include their pets in photos, I have a German Shepherd and she goes everywhere with me but if you want your furry friend to be included make sure you bring someone to watch your pet for the photos they may not be participating in.  This makes it easier for you to relax comfortably and still get your pet in some of the photos.

Pro Tip Number #5 Location & Feeling

I always ask my couples about their hobbies or interests so we can find a good setting that will tell their story.  When choosing a location with your photographer make sure it is one that suits you and feels natural to you.  If you love to hike maybe it’s a session in the woods, or on a trail.  Do you love the city life and feel?  Then heading downtown for that atmosphere is probably better.  Perhaps there are some props you want to include like a movie ticket stub from your first date, a prop from an inside joke or something along those lines.  Make your photo session unique to the two of you and your personalities.

These are just a few of the tips I offer to my couples before each engagement session, making sure the two of you have a voice and capture your vision is a high priority for me.  If you would like to learn more or to meet with me and discuss your engagement session send me an email on the “Contact” page of my website.