Why should we consider working with you?

I make sure that all of my clients are well taken care of beyond just photography. If you have a question about style, wedding planning or need experienced tips I offer that to all of my clients and so much more. From the minute you inquire to the day I deliver your finished gallery I make sure that you are never left in the dark. You will always be informed on every step of the process and have a reliable professional ready to make your special day a dream come true.

Want some free wedding day tips?

If you'd like my free wedding tips guide just scroll to the bottom of this page and ask me for it. I would be happy to send you some free helpful tips to get you started!

How would you describe your style?

Starting my passion for photography with film, I continue to lean towards a very film like style to this day. My style is focused around unique compositions and dramatic light. I will do my best to make your images natural, stunning and timeless. I don’t follow fads and over edit my images, they are real moments, with real people, on one of the most magical days of your life.



“Patrick is just one of the best in the business, hands down. My (then) fiancé and I were SO lucky to have found him to do our engagement shoot. He’s so creative, hysterical! Fun! And we couldn’t get enough, we had to book him for our wedding! Can I just tell all the brides out there, he also knows how to bustle dresses? Yep! Sure did help me with mine! His work is impeccable; he’s incredibly professional, but he is also very down to earth so it makes the relationship so great. Thanks for everything Patrick!”

 What Type of couples do you photograph?

I work with all kinds of couples, no discrimination here. I especially love to work with adventurous couples, or those who want to do something unique with their loved one on their big day. If you want to know more, reach out and I would be more than happy to help you see if I can be the right fit for you.

We're awkward in front of the camera, is that okay?

Of course, not everyone likes standing in front of a camera, myself included. My job is to make you feel at ease to help capture the best you possible. Most of the time you won't even know I am there, allowing you to relax and allowing me to capture the photos you deserve.

Do you use backups?

I use multiple cameras on your wedding day. My cameras also have 2 memory card slots, I have back up gear, and I will always back up your photos in more than one location immediately after your wedding.

How do we book you?

Get in touch with me below. We can set up a time to meet virtually or over the phone so you can see if I can be a good fit for your day. If you decide to book with me all you would need is a signed contract and a 30% deposit to book the date. Get in touch for more details.